up and away.

September 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

All things considered, I suppose Winnipeg is not a bad city. If my priorities were different or if I were more easily satisfied or if I didn’t mind spending my days wasting away in the summer sun and wasting some more hours in a cabin at Lake Winnipeg, then perhaps I would feel more at home. But my priorities surpass the width and length of this little town and I am easily bored by the yellow sea of wheat and canola that lie beyond the city limits and stretch across the horizon to greet the baby blue sky.

I don’t know why I went to California. I had perfectly polished answers to satisfy the skeptical people who looked strangely at me when I told them that I was going alone; like silver and gold to bribe them and keep them from asking the loaded questions I knew I wouldn’t be able to answer. I told them I wanted to meet the family I had living down there (which, if I had to admit, was one of the reasons I got up and left) and that I needed to go away in the lull between the end of my summer class and the beginning of the fall term at school (which was also good for me). In all honesty, I had the money and I had the opportunity so I grabbed it and ran for the hills. There was hardly any deliberation. No second thoughts. Just luck and nerve and a gross accumulation of subtle desperation that threatened at any moment to explode.

I suppose I was bored.

I suppose I was feeling adventurous.

I suppose I just felt like reminding everybody and myself that the things I live for lie further beyond the city limits than the farms of wheat and canola.


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