The Borderline

August 14, 2012 § 5 Comments

It begins as though it were happening in slow motion. The air is thick with fog; rays of orange sunlight filter through it, creating an eerily warm backdrop where the arches of the bridge rise up and meet your gaze. It is difficult to make the distinction between sunrise and sunset at times like these. The sun is suspended in motion while the moment colours itself in bronze, red and yellow. The sky is nowhere to be seen.

The tendrils of darkness behind you retreat from the sunlight like scared little children. You step back slowly as well to avoid its sharp gaze. It is fire to darkness and it is fire to you. You shouldn’t be here. It’s not right. You don’t belong. Persephone’s ladies in waiting are bound to the Underworld for Eternity. Hades doesn’t make exceptions — not even his wife escapes the desolate grounds she inhabits. However, despite the knowledge that the sun could never stare upon you, you can stare upon the sun.


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