August 7, 2012 § 3 Comments

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There are certain events you cannot prevent, and certain events you can. Some things are just meant to be, while others are not. What’s done is done, thinks Lacey Villeneuve, and in her opinion, everyone should have that same mentality. Still, even a simple misunderstanding can cause deep paralysis of the mind. A whole world can shatter due to some tiny little act, even if it was supposed to turn out differently. Then it doesn’t and so comes the deep, angry thrum of Father Time’s lullaby: what’s done is done.

Lacey resists the urge to pinch her nose in order to prevent the oncoming migraine. Instead, she opts to take a shower. Yes, that sounds perfect right about now: a long, steamy shower to ease the tension in her muscles and melt away the worries of tomorrow. She grabs her shower gel,  her shampoo and her conditioner from her suitcase. Then she pulls out her moisturizer and… heck, why doesn’t she take her deep pore cleanser and toner and honey mask as well?

She heads into the shower and goes about her routine, clinging to it as if it were the only thing she knows how to do anymore. First the shampoo, then the conditioner. Leave it in while you lather the shower gel into your skin. Rinse. Take one towel, wrap your hair in the other towel. Cleanse your face. Tone your face. Put on the honey mask. Rinse it off. Moisturize. 

For an entire hour, Lacey allows herself to fall deep into her nightly routine, taking her time with every step. When she returns to her room, it is pitch black and although she struggles to rummage around her suitcase, she leaves the lights off. It is only when she has pulled on her pyjamas and she is safely tucked underneath her covers that she allows herself to cry.


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