18 and Counting: Getting Drunk, Legally

July 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

While in high school, my life was building up to the moment I turned eighteen. Eighteen meant that I would be graduated, I would, according to the government, be an adult, and I would cast a vote in the next election. Plus, I’d have to get new health insurance because my parents can’t cover me anymore and I’d have to learn to do my taxes. On the flip side, eighteen also means that I will legally be allowed to drink and that I can be admitted into bars and nightclubs.

Let’s talk about the hype.

Now, I don’t know about any of you out there, but drinking at eighteen these days isn’t as cool or as extravagant as they made it out to be in the movies. For one thing, I’ve gotten tipsy or drunk at the age of sixteen and seventeen. Some friends have been taking on the hard stuff since they were fourteen. The only difference between then and now is that we are allowed to drink in bars. As for me, I never had anything with more alcohol content than a beer or a cooler before my eighteenth birthday party (which occurred just the last monday, a week after my actual birthday by the way, so I felt okay.

Now let’s talk about the booze.

Honestly, anything harder than beer or coolers takes some getting used to. I know that my first shot of straight up vodka didn’t settle well in my stomach (and I have shivers just thinking about it). It was like drinking rubbing alcohol. That’s just so gross! Now some other mixed drinks are okay. Others, I really like. Gin and Tonic, for example, is actually good. Whiskey Sour is refreshing, especially on the rocks.

Okay so you’ve got the drinks and you’re drinking them. The room starts spinning, your vision is hazy and you’re reacting more slowly to everything around you. Thoughts are going through your head and for some reason the wrong things are coming out of your mouth. This… is the alcohol. Some people look down on drinking and I can see why — it’s so easy to lose control. Some people are affected by the alcohol and get tipsy, but can still think straight. Some people just skip this part. Everyone’s different, eh? Either way, when you drink the poison, you relinquish at least a bit of control over yourself.

A control-freak in many aspects of my life, I don’t enjoy drinking as much as the other eighteen year old at the bar — unless I’m already drunk.


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§ One Response to 18 and Counting: Getting Drunk, Legally

  • Nikki says:

    Sounds about right. Even at 23 (like that’s so very old; *eyeroll*), I’m still not accustomed to the things I say or do after a few drinks, however minor those things are. The situations are always different, our tolerances change, etc. It’s hard to get a firm grasp on limits sometimes. Too bad it can be so much fun. ^.^

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