Birthdays and Lazy Days

July 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just for the record, hot days make lazy days. Central Canada is suffering an infrared heat wave that is expected to last a few more weeks or so. But ever since weird things started cooking up in the atmosphere and it starts hailing when meteorologists say it would only rain lightly, I’ve stopped believing the weather.

Global warming. Go figure.

Anyway, that’s my way of saying, “Hello world, the weather’s been really nice lately,” in a cynical manner. Now on to the topic at hand — the eighteenth birthday of yours truly. Now, in the past decade, I have had a tendency not to celebrate my lovely birthday with a party, or with cake for that matter. Why? I didn’t used to be the people-person I am now, most people go away over summer vacation, and you don’t need to be at a party to have cake. Just like how you don’t need to be at a party to drink. I have cake whenever I want. Birthdays are just normal days, except for the fact that I have to remember that I’m a year older than yesterday. And that’s difficult to remember because the truth is, I’m no more mature than I was yesterday.

For this reason, I have never really understood why some people have debutante balls. I say this because I was supposed to have one, and I refused. Because I’m hipster. (I’m just kidding. I’m not hipster.)

Still, I’m only 18 for 365 days of my life, so I might as well enjoy it. Plus all the happy things it comes with:

    • Legally being allowed to get hung over
    • Taxes
    • Looking for new health insurance because my mom’s doesn’t cover me anymore
    • Getting the life sucked out of you in university
    • Trying to put the life back in by partying
    • My new ‘adult’ account on Facebook

Yup. Because that’s all adulthood’s about.


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