Rhymes From Last Winter

February 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Roleplay post. 29 May 2011.

It was possible to be alone and not lonely. Alandra Vielhaber was living proof of this. Summers in London were spent in utter independence, taking the tube wherever she liked and shopping at expensive boutiques with nobody but her fine taste and her mother’s credit card. Two, four, ten years had passed since she began this habit, not wanting to be alone in her parents’ house. If there was anything duller than black coffee, it was an empty house, and despite how Alandra carried herself, she was not a dull person. In those two, four, ten years she developed the quick stride she used today as she walked along the corridors at Hogwarts. She wandered around the castle without a companion almost as much as she wandered them with a companion. She ate her breakfasts alone if she found herself not surrounded by the few friends she held close. She didn’t mind walking to class unattended either, though these days she had taken to walking with somebody, which was also fine. The truth was that Alandra was capable of being impartial to company. She was used to being alone and now, she was used to having people around. Simply put, she could be content either way, and it was all because she knew it was possible to be alone and not lonely.

What did it mean to be lonely, anyway? Although she first learned the dictionary definition of loneliness from one of her tutors at age six, she could already connect this word with two instances. The first was her very first memory, waiting to catch a glimpse of the ever so absent people her nanny called her “parents”. Instead she fell asleep in the hallway outside the closed bedroom door and woke up the next morning tucked underneath the covers of her bed. It used to be a mystery to her, but now was a memory that made the sixteen year old frown. The second instance also made her frown. It was being separated from the Corwins. Suddenly, she couldn’t see them anymore. Suddenly, they disappeared and that was a terrible feeling. Although she understood now that her father had been trying to prevent her from breaking the statute of secrecy and although Jacob turned out to be a wizard as well, she couldn’t forget the terrible feeling she had gotten at first. Even now in her adolescence, she could pinpoint a few instances of moments pertaining to the definition of loneliness.

The Ravenclaw entered her dormitory, hair wrapped in a white towel. She wasn’t wearing her school robes tonight but carried them in her arms as dirty laundry along with a small pouch that carried her toothbrush and face washes and moisturizers. Instead, she was clad in a grey tank top and pyjama bottoms, all ready for bed. She took the few quick strides to her four poster bed and neatly deposited her things on top of her trunk. She then unwrapped the towel from around her head, letting her hair cascade downward in damp ringlets and strode over to a mirror in the room to apply a serum in it. The dormitories were empty tonight, as far as she knew. She didn’t pass anybody on the way up, anyway, and there might only have been a handful of students lounging in the common room. But that was fine. Although she was alone, tonight was one of those nights when she wasn’t feeling so lonely. She was, however, feeling a bit hot, so she opened a window when she finished with her hair. She decided to walk to the door to open it as well because the room was so quiet and so empty. These days, quiet and empty weren’t so peaceful anymore. Being prefect exposed you to the thick of things in the castle. As she pulled the door open wide, she glimpsed a figure in the winding staircase that led up to the other dormitories. In fact, it was someone she hadn’t spoken to in a long time. Alandra paused in the doorway, calmly with her hand resting on the doorknob, and an expression of utter nonchalance resting upon her face.


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