Two Sonnets on Unreality

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I fell into a hollow the other day
And into a stasis of utter unreality
Honey-sweet, carnation pink, yellow tinted purity.
I cannot lower myself to a simple stray.
The strings at unmeasured edges fray
The court turns. Rainbow colors mesh simply,
Coddle my eyes from liars and tricksters and dummies,
Puppets of the Seelie’s ubiquitous say.
I used to dream of rose-cheeked fairies and shallow knights.
I used to dream of bright balls and charming princes.
I used to dream.
What is fickleness but a fortuitous fight?
Fruitless in hindsight, it foolishly pins
Unanswered pleas into timeless seams.

It is the illusion of a liar,
Sucks up the stuff that composes reality
And emits putrid charcoal into the black sea.
I am none the wiser.
What if I told you we could escape this dire
Cloud? Bluff our way away from insanity
And black-white drama-tragedy
(And seers and mind readers and soul searchers).
I used to dream of singing lilies and honking daffodils,
Of wonderful freesias and rhododendrons,
Of fireflies and moonstruck kisses.
But the whole world in shadows stills,
Mars time and the movement of photons
Because people let themselves believe in wishes.


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