I went for a walk today

December 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

I went for a walk today. Down the street, took a left, took a right, another left, and went down an old, abandoned path. I wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t followed a rabbit there. The snow’s covered it up, and next spring it will have eroded even more and it will erode every year until the path’s history is completely erased.

I only half remember this old path. Back in the day when the daycare took us down there to walk along Red River, us wee children held hands and skipped along daisies and dandelions. We crowned ourselves princesses. We were princesses.

I was first kissed by the back door of the old country club where the path further leads. He cupped my face with his half callused hands and I sighed an adolescent sigh against his adolescent lips. It was accomplished at best, and we were clumsy, but it didn’t matter because there was some spark that night that we both will never forget.

I cried along this path, I listened to my friend cry along this path, and I laughed with the man of my dreams before he whisked me away from my path and turned them into nightmares. But now as the snow wastes at my feet, I hear the old path whisper, “I am still here.”


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